Mar 21 - Apr 20

June , 2020
A friendly sun-Venus conjunction in outgoing Gemini on June 3 gives you the chance to add more important dates to your social calendar. New connections made now might only be temporary (due to Venus being retrograde), but they each serve a very specific and short-term beneficial purpose.

You’re tested during the sun-Mars square on the sixth, but it’s so satisfying to see the looks on your critics’ faces when you pass with flying colors. You might be down for a little while, but you always manage to spring back up eventually, and better than you were before, much to the disappointment of your haters.

A dreaded Mercury retrograde period starts on June 17, so be careful when doing DIY projects around the house. You have some excellent ideas about how to make changes without spending a lot of money, but cutting corners can lead to unforeseen complications.

Relationships get back on track and start moving forward again when Venus goes direct in easygoing Gemini on the twenty-fourth, but you might not be entirely out of the woods just yet. It’s easy to forgive but much harder to forget.

Powerful Mars enters your enthusiastic sign on June 27, so take full advantage of this forceful energy. When you grab the initiative, you show everyone that you aren’t afraid to take on new challenges.


Your impulsive actions and inability to hold their tongue at times can lead to undesirable outcomes, so Aries had better make it a rule to count to 10 before acting or reacting.

Best Matches

Aries will find a great partner among independently thinking, self-sufficient and brave air signs - Aquarius or Gemini.

Worst Matches

Cancer or Pisces would make the worst partner for Aries, as they are too sensitive; extreme stubbornness makes Taurus and Capricorn incompatible with Aries as well.

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Red
Ruling Planet: Mars
Ruling House: 1st House of Self

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