Mar 21 - Apr 20

Thursday - June 8th , 2023
After witnessing a mammoth power play that went nowhere recently, you are starting to feel less and less driven about getting what you want in a certain negotiation. Compromise is looking like the smarter and safer way to go. This may just be a phase, but it is a good time for you to readjust. Tone down your pace. Be less aggressive and you'll start to be happier. Admire the things in life that are free and take a ride in the back seat for a while.


Your impulsive actions and inability to hold their tongue at times can lead to undesirable outcomes, so Aries had better make it a rule to count to 10 before acting or reacting.

Best Matches

Aries will find a great partner among independently thinking, self-sufficient and brave air signs - Aquarius or Gemini.

Worst Matches

Cancer or Pisces would make the worst partner for Aries, as they are too sensitive; extreme stubbornness makes Taurus and Capricorn incompatible with Aries as well.

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Red
Ruling Planet: Mars
Ruling House: 1st House of Self

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