Nov 23 - Dec 22

July , 2021

Flying Free

Sag, the sun’s presence in an intense zone until July 22 can coincide with a desire to get to the heart of certain issues and resolve them once and for all. Deal with whatever is bothering you so you can let it go and move on. If you need expert advice, get it, because there may be some things you can’t manage alone.

The new moon in Cancer on the ninth is great for new beginnings, so make use of it to initiate a business move, begin a new financial plan, or start a strategy that can get your money working harder for you. Release the old and embrace the new and you’ll easily attract new opportunities.

A relationship could need some sensitive handling at the start of the month as fiery Mars opposes sobering Saturn across your communication axis. Both planets link to revolutionary Uranus, so you might be tempted to dismiss the whole thing and break with the person involved. However, understanding their real motives could offer a different perspective and put a more positive spin on things.

The sun’s move into radiant Leo on July 22 contributes to a desire for travel, adventure, and fresh opportunities. With sweet Venus and feisty Mars already in this sign, you might be poised to take that much anticipated vacation and get away from it all. The change of scene will do you good and feed your soul.

An emotional surge the next day coincides with the full moon in Aquarius. You might have plenty to share, and if something is really upsetting you, you’ll be ready to tell it like it is.

Finally, buoyant Jupiter moves into Aquarius on the twenty-eighth and remains here until December 28, so there is much to be gained by seeking opportunities, especially if you’re interested in starting an online business.


Your never-ending chase of everything new can make you overlook really important things. Find it in yourself to slow down and give some matters another thought.

Best Matches

Sagittarius will find a great life companion among easy-going and curious Gemini or reckless Aries and Leo.

Worst Matches

Freedom and adventure are Sagittarius’ air, which means they’ll get along well neither with possessive Taurus and Virgo nor with homebound Cancer.

Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Color: Shades of purple
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Ruling House: 9th House of Philosophy and Religion

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