Nov 23 - Dec 22

January , 2021
Venus, goddess of love and money, is in your outgoing sign to start the month. For the first week of January, you make friends (and potential new love interests) easily, and your financial situation should be fairly positive and free-flowing. If you lend any money to anyone, keep track of the details.

Venus leaves your sign and enters more serious earthy Capricorn on January 8, making you a little stricter about matters of the heart and finance. Where you were quick to lend your romantic attention and hard-earned cash the previous week, you now start to take a more detailed look at the potential of the things and people vying for your attention. Hard work pays off more than anything now.

Mercury conjoins your home planet Jupiter in enthusiastic Aries on the eleventh, bringing good but totally unexpected news. Check social media regularly for a post you’re tagged in or scroll through incoming texts to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Your attention span is relatively short now, but that’s no excuse for missing what could be the biggest news of the month!

A Mars-Jupiter square on January 23 gives you the energy to get some new projects started, but you might not have the attention to detail to see them through. Luckily, you’re seen as an authoritative figure now, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting others to help you bring things to completion.


Your never-ending chase of everything new can make you overlook really important things. Find it in yourself to slow down and give some matters another thought.

Best Matches

Sagittarius will find a great life companion among easy-going and curious Gemini or reckless Aries and Leo.

Worst Matches

Freedom and adventure are Sagittarius’ air, which means they’ll get along well neither with possessive Taurus and Virgo nor with homebound Cancer.

Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Color: Shades of purple
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Ruling House: 9th House of Philosophy and Religion

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