Apr 21 - May 21

May , 2021

Time to Blossom

With the sun continuing in your sign until May 20, you’ll be in your element for the first three weeks of this month.

If you’re ready to embrace new developments, the cosmos is on your side, so it’s time to kick-start those projects that have been on the back burner and enjoy those activities that nurture you the most. These weeks are a celebration of you, so take advantage of the chance to revel in your uniqueness.

The new moon in your sign on the eleventh can be used as a launching point for new ideas, projects, or changes that you’d like to initiate in your life. If you’re considering taking a relationship to the next level, now is the time.

The focus gradually shifts to the sign of Gemini and your personal financial sector as thoughtful Mercury moves in on May 3, followed five days later by lovely Venus, your guide planet. If you’re ready for a money makeover, use this opportunity to create a strategy you can work with. If you’re ready to sell items you no longer need, you might now feel more motivated to clear out the clutter and go for it.

Jubilant Jupiter makes a temporary foray into Pisces and your social sector from the thirteenth to July 28, when it moves back into Aquarius. Some excellent opportunities could arise from the associations you make during this time.

The sun’s move into Gemini on May 20 can enhance a desire to get your money working harder for you. Take stock now and see what you can do.

Finally, with a supermoon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and an intense zone on the twenty-sixth, something that was hidden could come out into the open. If it does, don’t resist it. Even if it’s uncomfortable, it could be very freeing. If you need this chance to heal, this potent lunar phase can open the doors to a better life ahead.


Material things can be beautiful, no doubt about; but you might want to try and look for beauty in the spiritual.

Best Matches

Practical, down-to-earth Taureans can find a soul mate among romantic and endearing Cancers or Pisces.

Worst Matches

Bold and reckless Arians and Leos will never find common ground with stubborn Taureans; neither will independent Geminis and Aquarians.

Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Color: Earthy greens and browns
Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling House: 2nd House of Material Possessions

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