Apr 21 - May 21

From May 03 , 2021 thru May 09 , 2021
It's almost as if you've awoken in a cartoonist's rendering of your life on Monday -- everything seems basically familiar, but skewed. Don't read too much into this or you'll drive yourself nuts. Tuesday and Wednesday, if you're feeling like a lone pilot on a rocket ship to Mars, nudge a friend and get them to bring you back to Earth. It is not in your nature to be rash, but a hurried feeling defines Thursday and Friday for you. Again: weird. Breathe deeply. Take things slowly. Everything else will be back to normal (actually, better than normal) this weekend.


Material things can be beautiful, no doubt about; but you might want to try and look for beauty in the spiritual.

Best Matches

Practical, down-to-earth Taureans can find a soul mate among romantic and endearing Cancers or Pisces.

Worst Matches

Bold and reckless Arians and Leos will never find common ground with stubborn Taureans; neither will independent Geminis and Aquarians.

Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Color: Earthy greens and browns
Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling House: 2nd House of Material Possessions

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