Aug 24 - Sep 23

March , 2023


Virgo, relationships of all kinds will become more important for some time to come. The presence of the sun in Pisces highlights a desire to resolve key issues and find a way forward. With taskmaster Saturn moving into Pisces on March 7 for a long stay of around two years, your interactions with others could be tested. You might be more aware of your responsibility to others and less inclined to spontaneously share your feelings.

The full moon in your sign on the seventh encourages you to think of your own needs, especially if you’ve neglected them lately. Enjoy some self-care and be kinder to yourself by indulging a little. And with electric Uranus in the mix, someone might have a pleasant but unexpected surprise for you.

Attractive Venus moves into Taurus and your sector of travel and opportunity on March 16, which can smooth the way ahead when you’re on the road, vacationing, or otherwise outside of your usual territory. You’ll connect with charming and helpful people, which can make all the difference. Romance is also a possibility.

The sun’s move into Aries and your sector of change on the twentieth could shift your attention to matters associated with business and shared finances. If you want to improve on your current situation, now is the time to do so.

The new moon in Aries on March 21 is perfect for starting new initiatives and habits that will help you go from strength to strength. You’ll have the assistance of the moon tide, which can make all the difference.

There’s a big shift as intense Pluto moves into Aquarius and your lifestyle zone on the twenty-third. After a period in Capricorn, it will remain in Aquarius from 2024 to 2044, which will encourage change and transformation in matters associated with work and well-being.

Finally, dynamic Mars moves into Cancer on March 25, which can revitalize your social scene and encourage you to pursue a long-held dream.


Don’t be too hard on people around! Remember: to err is human!

Best Matches

Virgo’s sincerity makes them great partners for sensitive Pisces, as well as Taurus and Capricorn, who have a very similar way of thinking.

Worst Matches

Virgo’s practicality won’t let them find common ground with extravagant Aquarius, unpredictable Gemini or Libra.

Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Color: Dark blue, greens and brown
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling House: 6th House of Health

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