Aug 24 - Sep 23

Wednesday - June 3rd , 2020
Sometimes the best conversations are the ones you have with someone who totally disagrees with you. Too many people fall victim to the desire to hear exactly what they believe parroted back to them, but not you! You understand (now more than ever) that healthy debate with a person you normally wouldn't connect with can offer you a great deal of satisfaction and education. So pursue differing viewpoints today, and don't be afraid to ruffle a few feathers.


Don’t be too hard on people around! Remember: to err is human!

Best Matches

Virgo’s sincerity makes them great partners for sensitive Pisces, as well as Taurus and Capricorn, who have a very similar way of thinking.

Worst Matches

Virgo’s practicality won’t let them find common ground with extravagant Aquarius, unpredictable Gemini or Libra.

Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Color: Dark blue, greens and brown
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling House: 6th House of Health

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