Feb 20 - Mar 20

From June 27 , 2022 thru July 03 , 2022
Early in the week, you’ll get a burst of self-assuredness that you can apply to any ongoing or new undertaking. Whether you’ve been wanting to earn more recognition at work or put yourself out there to feel more satisfied romantically, believing in yourself now fuels your success. Later, you’ll get your very own chance to set bold goals for the months ahead. Tune in to your intuition and pinpoint the intentions that truly speak to your soul and feel right in your gut. From there, you’ll be able to take targeted steps toward making your most powerful, heartfelt dreams come to life.  


Dreams may be beautiful, but you shouldn’t let them rule your life. Try to see things in a more realistic light and find it in yourself to deal with everyday problems.

Best Matches

Pisces can build a dream of a relationship with emotional Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces like themselves.

Worst Matches

Sensitivity cannot blend with aggression, so Pisces will not find common ground with bold Aries and Leo or impulsive Gemini.

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Color: All shades of green
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Ruling House: 12th House of Subconscious

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