Jun 22 - Jul 23

Emotional Moon gives Cancer a sensitive soul that is hidden from the outer world inside a hard protective shell.

by “All Zodiac Signs”

Strengths and Weaknesses

Cancers love their friends and family and enjoy taking care of their loved ones; they are extremely loyal and protective. Unfortunately, this care sometimes borders on smothering hyper protection. But Cancers prefer to conceal their feelings, no matter how big their love or how unwavering their loyalty is, because they are afraid of being hurt. Not sure why, because a Crab whose feelings have been ruffled can pinch really hard! Cancers often overreact, have mood swings and feel bitter about trifles. Cancers are good chaps, really; they only need to find a person they can confide in and let themselves take their protective shell off once in a while.


Get a grip on yourself and count to ten before you react to anything (anything!) Find an easy exercise that will help you take control over mood swings.

Best Matches

Cancer will enjoy a peaceful and secure relationship with Virgo or Taurus.

Worst Matches

Active Aries and fiery Leo will hardly find common ground with homely Cancer. Neither will Gemini or Libra.

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Silver, grays and greens
Ruling Planet: Moon
Ruling House: 4th House of Home and Family

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