Jun 22 - Jul 23

Thursday - September 16th , 2021
You have some tough choices to make today, although you don't know about it yet. The good news is that no matter what you decide, you can't go wrong. When you come to a crossroads today, ask a friend to give you some insight. They've been there before, and what they have to tell you will shed quite a bit of light on your situation. Your friends are valuable resources for all kinds of life challenges -- and it's important for you to remember that!


Get a grip on yourself and count to ten before you react to anything (anything!) Find an easy exercise that will help you take control over mood swings.

Best Matches

Cancer will enjoy a peaceful and secure relationship with Virgo or Taurus.

Worst Matches

Active Aries and fiery Leo will hardly find common ground with homely Cancer. Neither will Gemini or Libra.

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Silver, grays and greens
Ruling Planet: Moon
Ruling House: 4th House of Home and Family

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