Jun 22 - Jul 23

June , 2022

On a Roll

Cancer, the radiant sun continues its journey through your spiritual sector until June 21. This phase can be seen as a chance to tie up loose ends and find closure on those issues that have been a drain or lingered on for too long. Do the work on them now, so once the sun moves into your sign you can experience a sense of relief as new doors begin to open for you.

If you’ve suffered delays and frustrations over recent weeks, then Mercury’s forward motion starting on the third can be a sign of progress. If there have been misunderstandings or projects that have been put on the back burner, you’ll soon be able to move forward again.

Upbeat Mercury moves into Gemini on June 13, followed by sweet Venus the next week, so you’ll be ready to explore more of your potential. An emphasis on spirituality, the subconscious and dreams, feelings and deeper motivations could coincide with a powerful shift over the coming weeks.

If you’re ready for a lifestyle change, the full moon and supermoon in Sagittarius on the fourteenth could encourage you to streamline your affairs and jettison habits and routines that aren’t working for you.

As the sun glides into your sign on June 21 for a four-week stay, you’ll be ready to project yourself into the world and show what you’re capable of. People will warm to your caring and sensitive approach, your canny ability to handle situations and your warm and nurturing qualities.

And there’s more as the new moon in your sign on the twenty-eighth brings a chance for a new beginning. Whatever you want to start, whether you’re eager to launch a project, take a relationship to a new level or jettison old habits and begin new ones, this is the time to begin.


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Best Matches

Cancer will enjoy a peaceful and secure relationship with Virgo or Taurus.

Worst Matches

Active Aries and fiery Leo will hardly find common ground with homely Cancer. Neither will Gemini or Libra.

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Silver, grays and greens
Ruling Planet: Moon
Ruling House: 4th House of Home and Family

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