Jun 22 - Jul 23

June , 2020
You’re all over the place emotionally during the full moon lunar eclipse in spontaneous Sagittarius on June 5, so there’s no reason to make any hasty decisions right now. It might not seem like it, Cancer, but you’ve got a lot more time than you realize to make the changes you want to make.

A confusing sun-Neptune square on the eleventh zaps your motivation and makes procrastination an attractive alternative to actually putting in any hard work. Is there a reason you’re so tired, or are you just trying to avoid the inevitable? That feeling of not being good enough is just an illusion.

The sun enters your creative sign on June 20, coinciding with the summer solstice and giving you reason to celebrate a new and joyful season. This is your time to showcase your special talents (of which you have many). Kick off the new season by doing something that displays one of your excellent abilities!

The powerful combination of Mars and Aries arrives on the twenty-seventh, ending your month with an “I can do anything I put my mind to” vibe. If there’s something that people have been telling you that you can’t do lately, this is the perfect time to get it done and enjoy that sweet “I told you so” moment.


Get a grip on yourself and count to ten before you react to anything (anything!) Find an easy exercise that will help you take control over mood swings.

Best Matches

Cancer will enjoy a peaceful and secure relationship with Virgo or Taurus.

Worst Matches

Active Aries and fiery Leo will hardly find common ground with homely Cancer. Neither will Gemini or Libra.

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Silver, grays and greens
Ruling Planet: Moon
Ruling House: 4th House of Home and Family

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