Jan 21 - Feb 19

October , 2020
Mercury is in powerful Scorpio when it opposes your home planet Uranus in stubborn Taurus on October 7. When someone drops a bombshell on you, they definitely get your attention. News you read on social media might not be true, but you won’t be able to resist checking it out. People are waiting for you to react, so don’t let them see you panic.

Mercury goes retrograde while still in Scorpio on the thirteenth, causing its usual dose of confusion and frustration. The difference this time, however, is that you can use this water sign’s intuitive vibe to get yourself out of some of retrograde Mercury’s jams.

The sun enters shadowy Scorpio on October 22, so you have a month of delving into the unknown to look forward to. If you have an unsolved mystery in your life, this is the time to do some serious investigation. The facts you uncover might be even more mind-blowing than you thought they’d be!

The second full moon of the month—a blue moon—arrives in logical Taurus on the thirty-first, just in time for you to tie up some very loose ends. Closure is a big part of this lunation, so don’t miss out on the chance to end something once and for all—the right way.


Your thirst for knowledge can be quenched by ideas, which range from outstanding to crazy. Learn to balance them in order to get more understanding from people around.

Best Matches

Aquarian unpredictability makes them compatible with Gemini and Libra.

Worst Matches

Head in the clouds doesn’t make Aquarius a great partner for down-to-earth Capricorn and Taurus or homebound Cancer.

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Color: Bright blue, turquoise green and purple
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Ruling House: 11th House of Friends and Society

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