Jan 21 - Feb 19

From June 27 , 2022 thru July 03 , 2022
At the beginning of the week, you might feel like something’s holding you back from opening up to your significant other or a loved one. It might serve you well to spend more time processing your emotions on your own. Later, setting a powerful intention related to your financial goals comes naturally. Spend time reflecting on what you want to see come to fruition, whether that’s bringing in new clients, taking on more responsibility, or getting more organized with your portfolio, and then take action. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the combination of clarity and being proactive delivers rewards. 


Your thirst for knowledge can be quenched by ideas, which range from outstanding to crazy. Learn to balance them in order to get more understanding from people around.

Best Matches

Aquarian unpredictability makes them compatible with Gemini and Libra.

Worst Matches

Head in the clouds doesn’t make Aquarius a great partner for down-to-earth Capricorn and Taurus or homebound Cancer.

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Color: Bright blue, turquoise green and purple
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Ruling House: 11th House of Friends and Society

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