Jan 21 - Feb 19

From June 01 , 2020 thru June 07 , 2020
Around June 5, the full moon and lunar eclipse falls in your eleventh house of networking and forms a tense square to go-getter Mars and dreamy Neptune in your second house of income. You could be driven to rethink circles of friends or colleagues you’ve been dedicating much of your time. Zero-in on your values, which can help steer you toward the commitments worthy of your time and energy—and could also serve to bolster your moneymaking potential. 

And then on June 7, the emotional moon in your twelfth house of spirituality forms a harmonizing trine to revolutionary Uranus in your fourth house of family life, and you might be caught off-guard by an emotional surprise involving your home or loved ones. While change might feel daunting, it can also be enlivening. 


Your thirst for knowledge can be quenched by ideas, which range from outstanding to crazy. Learn to balance them in order to get more understanding from people around.

Best Matches

Aquarian unpredictability makes them compatible with Gemini and Libra.

Worst Matches

Head in the clouds doesn’t make Aquarius a great partner for down-to-earth Capricorn and Taurus or homebound Cancer.

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Color: Bright blue, turquoise green and purple
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Ruling House: 11th House of Friends and Society

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