May 22 - Jun 21

August , 2020
There’s a full moon in humanitarian Aquarius on August 3 that makes you want to do good things in the world. You’re best when teamed up with others to fight for a good cause, but if that’s not possible you can do plenty on your own. Try to wrap up loose ends before starting something new.

Your home planet Mercury pairs up with charming Leo on the fourth, so finding the words to make your move shouldn’t be a problem. You have a creative, charismatic approach to life (and love) that makes other people jealous. This is a good time to share your secrets of success with the people who want to know.

Innovative Uranus goes retrograde while in steady Taurus on August 15, giving you some time (the next five months, to be exact) to figure some things out. If you’ve gotten unexpected news lately or had a surprising life event happen, you might be feeling powerless against these sudden changes. Use this time to figure out how you can feel more in control going forward.

Your ruler Mercury moves from outgoing Leo into responsible Virgo, the other sign it rules, on the nineteenth. Communicating with friends and co-workers becomes practical and focused now, but be sure you’re not coming across as short or uncaring. You take communication issues seriously, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for humor.


The speed your brain functions at is too much for some of the people around you; learn to slow down, take a break and focus – meditation and yoga may be of some help here.

Best Matches

Geminis are on the same wavelength with Libra and Aquarius, as well as with fiery Leo.

Worst Matches

As air doesn’t mix with water or earth, so Gemini can’t learn to understand Cancer and Pisces (Water signs) and Taurus and Virgo (Earth signs).

Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Color: Yellow
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling House: 3rd House of Communication

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