May 22 - Jun 21

From August 03 , 2020 thru August 09 , 2020
You might feel as though life has gotten too mundane and predictable and be craving new horizons around August 3 when the full moon falls in your ninth house of higher education. Carve out time to dream, meditate, philosophize, and plan future travel. You might also enjoy diving into a book you’ve been meaning to read. 

Then, you could be focused on amplifying your financial security while social Venus moves through your second house of income from August 7 to September 6. Working with colleagues and friends on moneymaking endeavors comes naturally, and by being so approachable and passionate about these projects, you could see a bump in cash flow. The more you can work with others now—if even in a physically distanced way—the greater the rewards.


The speed your brain functions at is too much for some of the people around you; learn to slow down, take a break and focus – meditation and yoga may be of some help here.

Best Matches

Geminis are on the same wavelength with Libra and Aquarius, as well as with fiery Leo.

Worst Matches

As air doesn’t mix with water or earth, so Gemini can’t learn to understand Cancer and Pisces (Water signs) and Taurus and Virgo (Earth signs).

Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Color: Yellow
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling House: 3rd House of Communication

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