Sep 24 - Oct 23

January , 2021
With your home planet Venus, ruler of love and money, in spontaneous Sagittarius to start the month, the universe is expecting you to make some hasty decisions in these two areas of your life. Taking big risks can pay off in a huge way, or you could lose everything. Either way, the first week of January isn’t a time of moderation.

Venus moves into steady Capricorn on January 8, though, helping you regain some of the things you lost by implementing a solid work ethic. You want the best in life, and you’re willing to work hard for the rest of the month to get it (back).

You’re easily distracted during the Venus-Uranus trine on the thirteenth, and this aspect really challenges you to think about what’s important to you. Is your current routine so boring that you’re considering a total overhaul? Are you really willing to risk it all on a whim? You do some crazy things in the name of love or the quest for wealth now.

You become a little less responsible when the sun leaves reasonable Capricorn for eccentric Aquarius on January 19, and you embrace originality in all its forms. If something is different than all the rest, you’re automatically attracted to it. Going the least traveled route isn’t always productive, but it’s usually fun.


Don’t forget about your own needs and desires while making everyone around happy!

Best Matches

Libra’s balanced nature makes them a good partner for Gemini, Aquarius and Libras, too!

Worst Matches

Libras love stability and balance; they won’t stand pushy Aries, unyielding Capricorn or Cancer with their mood swings.

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Pastel blues, lavender and pink
Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling House: 7th House of Relationships

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