Sep 24 - Oct 23

Friday - October 23rd , 2020
Flirting isn't always the be way to get what you want in life, but today it could be the most effective! As long as you aren't making promises to someone that you don't intend to keep, there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting a smile on their face in order to make them highly amenable to what you want. You know how to push someone's buttons, and they won't mind if you push them today. There's nothing wrong with that arrangement.


Don’t forget about your own needs and desires while making everyone around happy!

Best Matches

Libra’s balanced nature makes them a good partner for Gemini, Aquarius and Libras, too!

Worst Matches

Libras love stability and balance; they won’t stand pushy Aries, unyielding Capricorn or Cancer with their mood swings.

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Pastel blues, lavender and pink
Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling House: 7th House of Relationships

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