Sep 24 - Oct 23

Sunday - September 27th , 2020
A material possession is going to be very important to you right now, but not in the way you probably think. It's not going to be the next designer accessory or hot new gadget. It's about the sentimental value you have for a certain object. Something you've been holding on to has a great deal of meaning for you, and you should consider passing it on in order to add new meaning to someone else's life. Sharing something from your past will bring you a lot closer to someone.


Don’t forget about your own needs and desires while making everyone around happy!

Best Matches

Libra’s balanced nature makes them a good partner for Gemini, Aquarius and Libras, too!

Worst Matches

Libras love stability and balance; they won’t stand pushy Aries, unyielding Capricorn or Cancer with their mood swings.

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Pastel blues, lavender and pink
Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling House: 7th House of Relationships

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