Oct 24 - Nov 22

June , 2020
The impulsive full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius appears on June 5, taking your carefully laid plans and scattering them to the wind. It all feels exciting and maybe even a little dangerous to not know what’s coming next, doesn’t it?!

A delusional sun-Neptune square on the eleventh doesn’t do much to clarify things for you. In fact, you’re more confused now than you were before. Luckily, Scorpio, your intuition comes into play and can guide you out of a jam if you’re confident enough to listen to it.

The emotional Cancer new moon on June 20 creates moodiness surrounding a new situation, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking the plunge anyway. There are creative solutions to every problem you encounter, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Your co-ruler Mars enters fiery Aries, the other sign it rules, on the twenty-seventh, bringing powerful energy to end the month. If you’ve been putting something off, this is the time to power through it and get the job done. Doing things entirely on your own terms leaves you with little regret.


Control your feelings in order not to hurt other people! Beware of your secretiveness: it can wear you out; don’t keep everything to yourself.

Best Matches

Scorpio’s passionate will help him/her find an optimal partner among Taurus, Pisces and Cancer.

Worst Matches

Scorpio is too intense to find common ground with Aquarius, Gemini or Leo.

Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Color: Deep, dark reds and purples
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Ruling House: 8th House of Birth, Life and Death

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