Oct 24 - Nov 22

Sunday - September 27th , 2020
One of your friends or co-workers has been giving you mixed messages for a while, and you've been getting more and more confused about things. Before you lose your patience, stop and realize that you can clear everything up quickly by just asking more questions! By biting your tongue you're making things too complicated. You have the strength to push back when someone says something that doesn't sound right to you. This person won't be offended that you don't believe them.


Control your feelings in order not to hurt other people! Beware of your secretiveness: it can wear you out; don’t keep everything to yourself.

Best Matches

Scorpio’s passionate will help him/her find an optimal partner among Taurus, Pisces and Cancer.

Worst Matches

Scorpio is too intense to find common ground with Aquarius, Gemini or Leo.

Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Color: Deep, dark reds and purples
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Ruling House: 8th House of Birth, Life and Death

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