Dec 23 - Jan 20

January , 2021
The sun is in your self-disciplined sign to start the month, so you’re basically kicking some butt as the new year begins. Projects that are in their final phase should start to get a lot of attention now, mainly for the work you did on them. Soon, you’re sure to reach the level of success you’ve always dreamed of.

Communicative Mercury conjoins your ruler Saturn on January 9, amping up your level of critical thinking. You’re an excellent decision-maker now, which should help you come to some much-needed conclusions in various areas of your life. If you’ve felt scattered lately, this is the time to start picking up the pieces and putting them in place.

A new moon in your ambitious sign on the thirteenth is a good time to take a look at the mountain ahead of you and decide which route you want to take to climb it. There’s no doubt that you’ll be in for some challenges for the rest of the month, but this lunation is optimistic about your ability to succeed.

The sun has entered free-thinking Aquarius by the time it conjoins Saturn on January 23, which could frazzle you a little bit. You were used to doing things one way, but now you have to get used to doing them another way. It’s not worse. It’s just different. Embrace the weirdness that you’re bound to encounter during this brief aspect.


Try to understand that your loved ones appreciate your material help, but they need you to give an emotional outlet to your love and care.

Best Matches

Capricorn’s sincerity and ambition make him/her highly compatible with Cancer, Taurus and Virgo.

Worst Matches

Composed Capricorns will find it hard to get along with impulsive Aries and Leo or light-minded Gemini.

Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Brown and green
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Ruling House: 10th House of Career

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