Dec 23 - Jan 20

From October 11 , 2021 thru October 17 , 2021
This week, the focus on your sixth house of wellness and routine could inspire you to switch up your current approach to healthy eating and fitness. The hitch: No need to take immediate action. You can start slowly by doing research and gathering information from trusted sources, and then meditate on what will serve you best. Trust your intuition, and you’ll know how to proceed. Later in the week, you could be inspired to express romantic feelings more than usual. Writing your lover or a potential S.O. a heartfelt email or even quick flirtatious texts strengthens your connection.


Try to understand that your loved ones appreciate your material help, but they need you to give an emotional outlet to your love and care.

Best Matches

Capricorn’s sincerity and ambition make him/her highly compatible with Cancer, Taurus and Virgo.

Worst Matches

Composed Capricorns will find it hard to get along with impulsive Aries and Leo or light-minded Gemini.

Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Brown and green
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Ruling House: 10th House of Career

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