Jul 24 - Aug 23

Friday - October 30th , 2020
You understand that anything of quality takes time, but not everyone else does. A few of your friends or co-workers are getting antsy, and it's up to you to calm everyone down and keep them focused on the same goal. Together, you can all come up with good solutions if you don't panic. See what ideas everyone has and encourage brainstorming. This is your chance to lead the group on a path to some solid improvement and build your reputation as a leader.


Enjoy life and yourself, but don’t forget about other people’s feelings.

Best Matches

The optimal love match for Leo is Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius.

Worst Matches

Leo can be insensitive, which makes him/her incompatible with Pisces, and dominating, which also removes stubborn Taurus and powerful Scorpio from the list of suitable partners.

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Color: Orange and yellow
Ruling Planet: Sun
Ruling House: 5th House of Pleasure

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