Jul 24 - Aug 23

From January 24 , 2022 thru January 30 , 2022
You’ll be feeling especially generous and warm-hearted at the start of the week. Take advantage of it by going with the flow instead of making stringent plans, opening up your heart to loved ones, reveling in their company, and maybe even showering them in small, thoughtful, or even extravagant gifts. This vibrant, passionate moment was made for you. Later, the cosmos shores up your confidence around major undertakings on the job. If you want to make a play for a raise, more responsibility, or an exciting new gig, simply asserting yourself should lead to a win.


Enjoy life and yourself, but don’t forget about other people’s feelings.

Best Matches

The optimal love match for Leo is Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius.

Worst Matches

Leo can be insensitive, which makes him/her incompatible with Pisces, and dominating, which also removes stubborn Taurus and powerful Scorpio from the list of suitable partners.

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Color: Orange and yellow
Ruling Planet: Sun
Ruling House: 5th House of Pleasure

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