Jul 24 - Aug 23

From October 26 , 2020 thru November 01 , 2020
While information-gathering Mercury moves backward through your third house of communication from October 27 to November 3, you might feel like wires are constantly getting crossed, and it’s extra challenging to accomplish everyday tasks that would otherwise be easy-breezy. Taking a deep breath knowing that you don’t have to check every box right now, and you’re doing your best, which is absolutely enough. 

And around October 31, when the blue moon falls in your tenth house of career, you could be called upon to step into the spotlight and step up your professional game in a way that feels daunting but also rewarding. If the ask is in line with your long-term goals, it could set the stage for a professional win. You can trust that you’ve got this! 


Enjoy life and yourself, but don’t forget about other people’s feelings.

Best Matches

The optimal love match for Leo is Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius.

Worst Matches

Leo can be insensitive, which makes him/her incompatible with Pisces, and dominating, which also removes stubborn Taurus and powerful Scorpio from the list of suitable partners.

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Color: Orange and yellow
Ruling Planet: Sun
Ruling House: 5th House of Pleasure

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